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the burke


Who says a smaller space can't be chic? We transformed this Squamish condo into a light-filled and modern abode. Our team knows the design and renovation specs required to make the most out of small spaces. ⁣

the details.

Below are a few of the changes made to accommodate both a smaller space and to ensure COVID-19 protocols were followed.⁣

  • Relocation of the laundry room into the guest bathroom to expand the kitchen by 4 feet.⁣

  • Moved the kitchen island out towards the living area to provide better functionality and space within the kitchen. Now more than one person can be in the kitchen area! ⁣

  • Added a fireplace feature wall to save on space and enhance the overall aesthetic.⁣

  • New millwork throughout.

  • Complete renovation of both bathrooms.⁣

  • Partnered with a sprinkler contractor to re-engineer the sprinkler locations, ensuring the home is fire safe. ⁣

  • Updated electrical while following building Strata rules regarding COVID-19, noise, and keeping common areas clean and tidy.⁣

Our client is going to love lounging in their new home knowing they can enjoy a well-designed space with a view! 

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